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2022 May

Decided to try out a new route this spring. Caught the bus up to Bacup then picked up the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail on the right hand side of valley. This was a well defined path but devoid of sculptures over the back of Weir Hamlet before turning right and crossing the Burnley Road just below the now closed Deerplay Pub. We then followed the Rossendale way  over meadow head, stopping at the monument for lunch. There is a surprising number of well defined paths meeting there. Carried on along the Rossendale way turning right to Swinshaw Hall then left to Loveclough for a welcome pint at the social club. From there we meandered across the fields and the poorly defined paths below Goodshaw Hill, not helped by my phone battery giving up. Switched to Ants phone and picked up a good path to Cribden end, before descending down a steep path into Rawtenstall. After a very noisy and poor pint in the only pub near the bus station we caught the bus to the White Swan for a very enjoyable Indian. Bus back to Rochdale after quick coffee in Bacup ( for two of us) and a final pint in the Regal Moon before a taxi home.

2022 March

After delaying the Feb walk due to bad weather we got away on a very sunny day in March.  Unfortunately the bright sunshine hid the fact it was blowing a gale on the tops making it difficult to keep our footing. We diverted from the usual route and went via Gadings Dam, known locally as the Todmorden Riviera but the wind put us off going for a swim! From there is was a steep decline along a new path ( to us) for a pint and lunch at the top brink.  We then followed the usual path along London Rd and the steep descent into Hebden Bridge through the park. After a welcoming couple of pints in the Fox and Goose it was the bus back to Rochdale and a quick pint in the Regal Moon before catching the tram for a Curry in Milnrow.

2021 November White House to Slaithwaite


One of our favourite regular walks pre-covid19. Set off on a beautiful day after a week of miserable weather could not have asked for anything better for early Nov. Unfortunately Geoff slipped on the path descending from Robin Hoods bed and badly damaged his ankle. He was then helped to walk to the M62 slip Road when Heather kindly picked him up and took him home. We lost a regular badminton player for several weeks at that point. The rest of the walk was uneventful and we stopped for a pint at the very busy Riverhead Brewery. Due to the time lost we agreed we would not make the Sair Inn but would try and get to Slaithwaite before dark. We ended up walking along the canal in the dark into Slaithwaite then into another busy pub – the Shoulder of Muton. In fact Slaithwaite centre was buzzing, might have something to do with booze trail train arriving before us! 

2021 August Norden to Staff of Life via Lee Quarry and Greave


A repeat of a walk not done for a few years, relatively easy until trying to find the path from above Britannia Quarry across to Lee Quarry ended up just walking across open moorland. After the pub stop at the Crown Inn we walked up the old road to Sharneyford then onto Flower Scar Road. A boring slog on a well maintained road before cutting across the moorland over the pallets that raise the path over the worst of the water. A steep descent past the tumbled down farmhouse to the Staff of Life pub for a well earned pint or two. The path down to the old farmhouse seems to have disappeared over the years either that or my memory. The walk took longer than in the past a sign of aging legs perhaps and we didn’t manage Brian’s usual shortcut to Tod, catching the bus instead for a Curry at the Bay of Bengal

2020 February Shawforth to Hebden Bridge.


A steep climb out of Shawforth, before crossing the Rossendale way past the old pits above Ramsden Moor Res before dropping into Walsden for a pint. Then a climb on the regular route to the top Brink for lunch before the final section finishing in the Fox and Goose. Train home for a curry at the Pavilion Spotland Bridge. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the speed at which they serve food we will not be darkening their door again.

2019 Oct Norden to Bury


Walk delayed to the Sunday as the weather on Saturday was non stop heavy rain. Long walk with a pint of questionable quality at the Fishermans Retreat. Ended up on the train as we ran out of time and Battery on my phone which had the map!

2019 Aug Oxenhope to Hebden Bridge


Train to Hebden Bridge then a bus ride via Pecket Well to the start of the walk. Set off in a strong wind across the moors overlooking Oxenhope before descending onto the start of the Walshaw and Lancashire Moor which was a stiff climb before arriving at the pack horse on Widdup Moor. After a quick pint or two down Hardcastle Craig’s to the Fox and Goose then home.

2019 May Greenfield to Marsden


A lovely walk but 3 miles to long! Caught the train to Greenfield then a steep climb up to Chew reservoir before stopping at Landow Rocks for a sandwich, no lunch time beer stop this time. From there we followed the stream to Soldier’s Lump and Black Hill then over to Wessenden Head. There followed a long stroll along the pennine way past Blackley Res and Butterley Res before finally arriving at the Riverhead Brewery for a quick pint before the bus came to take us home. Can’t remember which curry house we ate at that night.

2019 Feb Hebden Bridge to New Delight.


We set off in poor weather and I didn’t take any photos. Weather turned out reasonable after a brief hail storm just before we reached the Pack Horse on Widdop .

2018 Oct Lydgate to Summit


A  hard walk mapped by Geoff who decided to test our hill climbing abilities by climbing from Ogden all the way up to the White House then back down to Summit for a well earned pint. Day started in poor weather but finished in a brilliant evening pity we were to knackerd to enjoy it!

2018 Aug White House to Standege


A long walk on a beautiful day, we even had a fly past from a Lancaster Bomber and Spitfire whilst crossing Standedge Moor.

2018 April Lydgate to Diggle


A beautiful day for the weather with the walk taking in the hidden valley over the M62. Nice pint at the Rams Head before taking in the view on Standedge Moor rocks then descending down into Diggle past the abandoned house project. ( Completed since this walk)

2018 Feb White House to Hebden Bridge


A good February day plenty of snow at the white house and fog. Not many pictures I must have decided it was to cold for my camera.

2017 Aug White House to Marsden


A glorious August day for a traditional walk over Marsden Moor to the Riverhead brewery for a well earned pint. Proceeded from there via Brian’s shortcut using the poorly sign posted West Yorkshire overlooking the cannel.

2017 May Shawclough to Portsmouth


A grey day for a walk around the back of brown Wardle along the Limers way before dropping down into Portsmouth for a pint at a forgettable pub. Then a further walk to the Staff of Life before using the shortcut over the hill to Tod

2017 Feb White House to Hebden Bridge


A bitterly cold day with hail and snow at the white House giving way to green fields and overcast sky as we dropped down to the Top Brink pub. Continued to the Fox and Goose via the old path under the road bridge and path.

2016 Nov Hardcastle Crags, Black Moor, New Delight


Train to Hebden Bridge ( I think) then a walk through snow covered Hardcastle Crags to the Pack Horse on Widdopp Moor. Out at the back of the pub and up over Black Moor in a strong snow storm that thankfully reduced as we dropped down to the New Delight.

2016 Oct Norden to Edenfield


From Norden tram terminus we walked over the Cotton Road to Ding quarry before picking up the Rossendale way and dropping into Edenfield via St Michaels Wife lane for a pint at the Rostron Arms. I think we got a lift back to the top of Ashworth Road before walking down the valley on a very pleasant evening for a curry at the true taste of India. Was this the night the Horse and Farrier wasn’t open?

2016 May Shawclough to Cornholme


Started from Brians house over Lobden then around the back of Brown Wardle. I can’t remember much about the detail of this walk I presume we used the Limers trail then descended down the steep drop into the Staff of Life. From there we took the usual shortcut to Tod.

2016 Feb Norden to Rawtenstall via Edenfield


Started at Norden tram terminus then along the Cotton road to Ding quarry for a coffee break. From there along the old tram and rail tracks before desending into Edenfield via Sand Cut Lane. After a pint at the Rostron Arms we followed the East Lancs Steam Railway until we met the path along the River Irwell. Unfortuately the path had been washed away in the recent floods and some bright spark pointed us in the direction of the public footpath across the motorway onto the top road into Rawtenstall. Not a journey to be repeated not only was it a very steep climb but  crossing the motorway with HGV’s bearing down was not a pleasant experience.

2015 Nov Ashworth Valley and Rossendale Way


Started from Norden tram terminus then up Ashworth Valley to Deeply Dale and onto Waugh’s Well. Cannot remember where we went after that presumably into Rawtenstall then Rose and Crown before heading for the Rushi.

2015 Aug Hollingworth Lake to Marsden then Sair Inn


A glorious sunny day saw us start at the lake before getting lost at the back of the lake before crossing the M62 and walking up to the Rams Head for a nice but expensive pint. From there is was across Marsden Moor to the Riverhead Brewery before a walk along the canal and up to the Sair Inn.

2015 May Shawclough to Hebden Bridge


A glourious sunny day saw us start from Brian’s house along the old railway line to Broadly then up to Lobden golf club and across brown wardle for a coffee break. Not sure where went after that.

2015 Feb White House to Hebden Bridge via Mytholmroyd


A cold winters day with a bit of ground snow around the White House. Went along the Pennine Way to the end of Warland Reservoir before bearing right towards Withers Clough Reservoir and lunch at the Hinchcliffe Arms. Followed the path from there with a slight detour to the Sun Inn on Turvin Road before returning to the footpath through the park into Mytholmroyd and then along the road to Hebden Bridge.

2014 Nov Ashworth Valley and over Scout Moor


Started at Norden Tram Terminus  on a nice sunny day up Ashworth Valley onto Scotland Lane then Croston Close Road before having lunch at the Owd Betts. From there is was up Tam Hill (although some of us tried to go off track and walk up Knowl Hill) to the paths around the Turbines. Can’t remember what we did after that.

2014 May White House to Sair Inn


A warm spring day saw us start from the White House up to the top of Blackstone edge then along what was then the yellow stone road to the M62. Onto Marsden Moor and lunch at the Riverhead Brewery after a quick pint at Tunnel End. After lunch along the canal to the Sair Inn.

2014 Feb White House to Mytholmroyd via Inchcliffe Arms


A cold overcast winters day with a start at the White House along the Pennine way and then bear right before Stoodley Pike and pick up the Calderdale Way before having lunch at the Inchcliffe. Down the valley to Mytholmroyd then Hebden Bridge.

2013 Aug Shawclough to Staff of Life


Presume we started from Brian’s house then proceeded up Brown Wardle and the Limers trail. and onto Flowers Scar Road. The usual drop into the Staff of Life for a late lunch then a slog up the hill on the shortcut to Tod.

2013 April Norden Scout Moor and Ashworth Valley


A very clear April day ideal for photos saw us starting on what became famous as Bill’s death walk from Norden Tram Terminus. Used the footpath that took us over the top of the Naden reservoirs up a dry river bed and up some steep cliff faces that several members thought a bit dangerous onto Scout Moor before desending to the Owd Betts for lunch. The afternoon saw us walk down Ashworth Valley for a Curry at the True taste of India.

2013 Feb White House to Hebden Bridge.


A foggy cold day with plenty of ground snow saw us take the usual route towards Stoodley Pike. Once on the other side of the hill the weather improved to leave a clear day with a slippy path down the Top Brink for lunch. From there it was the usual walk along London Rd before finishing up in the Wharf Inn on the canal.

2012  Aug Shawclough to Walsden then Hebden Bridge


From Shawclough over to Brown Wardle before picking up the long causeway to Ramsden Wood. Lunch and a leisurely pint or two in the sunshine at the Crosskeys before walking up the hill past the ERF truck onto the Pendle Bridleway before stopping at the Top Brink for a refresher. From there along London Road to the Wharf Inn and home to Rushi’s for a curry.

2012  Feb White House to Hebden Bridge


A cold February day saw us take the usual route over to the Top Brink for lunch although that was a drawn out affair as we only just made last orders. Finished of at the Wharf as usual.

2011 Aug Whitworth Staff of Life then Tod


Walk from Brian’s to Broadley then up to Brown Wardle via Lobden golf club. Over the moors via the Limers trail before picking up the Todmorden Centenary way to the Staff of Life. After a few pints Brian decided to try and show us how to do the stick dance. Failed!! Continued using the “shortcut” to Tod before descending for a well earned pint at the White Horse.

2011 Feb Shawclough to Sharneyford then Tod.


Shawclough around the back of Brown Wardle picking up the limers trail then Flower Scar Rd before dropping into the Staff of Life. From there some took the shortcut back to Tod others the even shorter route along the main Rd which was probably a more sensible choice as it was dark as we descended into Tod. before catching the bus home.